Phase: Ideation/Definition
Complexity: medium
Time required: 45 minutes or more, participants divided in groups
Material needed: Concept Poster (A1), pens

References: Danish Design Center

What is it for?

In a concept design process you go from working with a large number of ideas to pulling them together in order to move in one direction. Filling out a concept poster is the first step towards making your ideas more specific. The first step in working with the concept poster is to develop and prioritise your ideas. Working with a concept poster can also be a helpful step before you go on to develop more detailed proposals in a storyboard format.

Instructions / Tips

  • Fill out the poster in a team with no more than eight members.
  • Select which idea clusters are suitable for concept development.
  • Begin by choosing a title for the concept that captures its essence.
  • Briefly describe the elements that may be included in the concept. What services should the concept consist of?
  • Identify the target group, and describe how the concept matches the group’s particular needs and profile. It may be helpful to identify as many as three target groups and describe them in detail.
  • Identify the most important needs that your specific concept meets. What problem(s) does the concept solve?
  • What is new about this: identify the novel aspect of your concept. What makes it original?
  • Who should be involved: consider who would be crucial for realising the concept. This may include representatives from the team as well as people working within related areas who would play a key role in realising the concept.